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Currently due to lack of space, the masjid has sought to expand to a bigger location to be better equipped to address the needs of the community and provide the best services to establish this mosque as a welcoming center for generations to come.
Location: Richmond, TX
Address:5119 Skinner Lane Richmond, TX 77406


  • $500,000 down payment
  • $150,000 yearly payment for 10 years

Phase 1: $650,000 down payment plus one year


  • Child-proof Toddler Play Area
  • Energetic Indoor Play Gym
  • Full Size Indoor Basketball Court
  • Fitness Center (Men and Women)
  • Comfy and Welcoming Social Room
  • Cafeteria with Kitchen Facility


  • In Depth Quran Program:A comprehensive, advanced 5-year Quran memorization and complete Quranic study program with Masjid Aqsa and Arabic. Students will study the Quran in detail within 4 years
  • Quran Online:Students across the entire world will have the opportunity to learn the Quran and to earn Ijazah (Chain to the Prophet) with Dr. Raed.
  • Young Adults Development:A step-by-step multi-year program to develop youth into confident, educated Muslims that will be tomorrow’s leaders.
  • Masjid Aqsa Endowment Program:An apartment complex that will serve as a waqf to allow financial independence for Masjid Aqsa Institute and the broader Muslim community
  • Specialized Committees:Committees dedicated to designing events and programs for all segments (Youth, Sisters, Dawah, Family/Social and so on).
  • Complete Marriage Package: Pre and post marital counselling, along with matrimonial services.
  • Counseling Services: Counselling for children and adults with added Islamic Perspective.
  • Job Networking Project: Providing a platform for job seekers, employers, business personals and anyone wanting human resource to accomplish their initiative.
  • Family Revival System: Guiding the community through a series of events and activities which will revive, mend and uplift relationships.

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