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Weekend school application

Our Weekend School was established to provide an Islamic Education as well as an Islamic social outlet for our youth. As Allah tells us in the Quran, “save yourselves and your family”.
The school is in session every Sunday from 10am to 1pm. The school currently consists of approximately 60 students from various backgrounds and ethnicities. The age level ranges from 5 years old to 17 years old and consists of 4 levels.

The curriculum includes Wudu, Salah, Tawhid, Taqwa, Aqeedah, Hadith, and short surahs, Arabic and Islamic morals and manners are also covered. Books and other learning materials as well as a lunch is provided. The school does request a small tuition for operating cost.

The weekend school operates with a staff of volunteers who generously donate their time feesabillilaah. We also provide age appropriate trips and community service projects.

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